Paris and the Machine: scholarly print-on-demand


The new Les PUF store, La Librairie des PUF, certainly makes a stylish addition to an already highly literary quarter. It’s not far from the Place de la Sorbonne, the city’s historic seat of academia. And it’s just round the corner from some of the city’s most prestigious bookshops: the Librairie Philosphique J. Vrin, Editions de Boccard, Bonnefoi’s Livres Anciens and Albert Blanchard’s Librairie Scientifique and Technique.

The bright red lowercase lettering of the store’s signage immediately marks it out from its more sober competitors. A window display promotes a new title by Jean Tirole, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, and an event the following evening with author David Simonnet.

On opening the door, however, it’s immediately apparent that this is not quite the “bookstore without books” that some have suggested it is.

Read the rest at Publishing Perspectives.

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